Second You Want To Learn As Much About The Product As Possible.

The government says GPs must try harder to stay open from 08:00 to 20:00, seven days a week, so fewer patients are forced to seek care at hospitals. It warned GPs risk losing extra funding if they fail to meet their commitments to longer surgery opening times. But the BMA and Labour said underfunding of the NHS was to blame. Dr Chaand Nagpaul of the BMA told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We have got a very serious problem that we don't have the capacity in general practice. "The crisis in the NHS won't be solved by scapegoating or deflecting blame on to GPs." One in three GP practices were reporting unfilled vacancies, while eight in 10 said they were unable to provide safe care, he added. 5,000 more planned for 2020 1 in 3 considering retirement in next five years 13% of GP training places went unfilled last year Source: BMA, Health Education England, Dept of Health and Health and Social Care Information Centre PA Surgeries are currently expected to open between the core hours of 08:00 and 18:30, Monday to Friday. Extra funding is available to those offering appointments outside those hours. Downing Street said surgeries should do more to ensure they offered appointments in the evening and at weekends. "Most GPs do a fantastic job, and have their patients' interests firmly at heart," it said. "However, it is increasingly clear that a large number of surgeries are not providing the access that patients need - and that patients are suffering as a result because they are then forced to go to A&E to seek care.

First you must be willing to be trained. Each MLM Company has its own policies and procedures manual and no two are exactly alike. So before even beginning your business read over these documents very carefully. Second you want to learn as much about the product as possible. You do not want to make the mistake of not knowing the benefits of your products and how they can add value your prospective consumer. Third you want to contact your up-line sponsor or if they arent available or are new to the business, then find a team leader. You need someone with knowledge to guide and direct you. But more importantly you need to want to learn. The criteria for any business regardless if that business operates totally as an off-line business, or an on-line business or as both, you want to know how to recruit people to grow a down-line team. MLM business models thrive on growing a good solid down-line.

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